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Jersey: cycas revoluta is proud to present the cycas revojersey. Made by Santini Maglifio Sportivo, the jersey is finished in cycas revoluta colours (blue/white/black), has a racing cut and bears the logo of our presenting sponsor, CurioPack - Forwarding, Packing, Removals.

Our other sponsors are Roots Shoots & Froots Sdn Bhd and Crowcon Gas Detection.


Update: The 2008 jersey has arrived and will be presented soon!


_team photos

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Photos by Andrew "Hats" Lee


_races 2006 - 2008

Races 2006 - 2008: Click on a thumbnail to view the photos:

Photos by Jimmy Tan & Choo Hooi Kiang


PCA Penang Bayan Lepas Criterium 10 laps x 8.5km
3 August 2008
Placings: Jimmy Tan (6th)


'R' U Moving?

Pushing the pace...

One more lap...

Uphill sprint!


PCA Pesta Penang 2007 road race 115km and Criterium
15-16 December 2007

It is never fun to do an extra lap!

Jimmy up Tun Sardon

Jimmy at the Criterium


PCA Piala Merdeka 2007 road race 42km
9 September 2007
Placings: Melvin Choo (7th), Jimmy Tan (8th)

A short 42km route meant it was fast and furious with multiple attacks from the "kids".

At the start.

Team cr goes.

Melvin chasing.


PCA Penang Bayan Lepas Criterium 10 laps x 8.5km
29 April 2007
Placings: Jimmy Tan (10th), Melvin Choo (13th)

A wet race. An all or nothing attack midway through the final lap proved to be futile for Melvin who was caught on the uphil sprint finish. Initially it did look like it was going to succeed as the Barat Daya guys and the MSN representative looked to each other to chase while team CR sat at the back. Well, it was certainly worth a try!

At the start.

Jimmy Lance attempts a breakaway.

Team CR riding together.

All smiles and checking the results at the finish.


PCA Penang Closed Championships 21km individual time trial
4 March 2007
Placings: Finian Lee (8th), Melvin Choo (9th)


Piala YB Ng Fook On
November 2006
Placing: Melvin Choo (8th)


Cyfora Fraser's Hill
August 2006


PCA Penang Closed Championships 21km individual time trial
August 2006
Placings: Goh Taw Yeang (6th)


PCA/Umno Teluk Kumbar road race, 69km
July 2006
Placings: Melvin Choo (3rd)


Pic: cyfora


Cyfora Selangor Chapter road race, Salak Tinggi
April 2006
Placings: Finian Lee (5th - 31 to 40 years category)

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